New beer helps save the spots of an endangered species

At The Age Harvest Picnic this weekend at Hanging Rock the endangered Tiger Quoll has reason to celebrate!

Otway Brewing have partnered with the Conservation Ecology Centre to help create a brighter future for the species. A new beer named ‘Spotted Ale’ will be launched at this weekend’s festival.

Janine Rose, General Manager of Otway Brewing, said the partnership was a natural step for the company. “We are committed to the region, our beautiful natural environment and our community. Through the creation of this premium boutique beer, ‘Spotted Ale’, we are making a meaningful contribution to keeping Tiger Quolls safe in the Otways and beyond.”

Tiger Quolls are the largest remaining marsupial predators on the Australian mainland but their numbers are in serious decline. Though the Otways was traditionally a stronghold for these animals, there was no confirmed evidence of Tiger Quolls in the region for nearly a decade. That was until last year when scientists at the Conservation Ecology Centre rediscovered the elusive species through DNA analysis of scats (droppings) in collaboration with CESAR, a genetics laboratory in Melbourne.

Conservation Ecology Centre Founder and CEO, Lizzie Corke, couldn’t be happier. “The Otway region holds incredible potential for the future of our native wildlife. We need innovative approaches to ensure the future of these precious species and this partnership shows just how our community can work together for very exciting outcomes. The beer has been created by Otway Brewing and the branding by Grant Day James – the contribution of our corporate partners to the conservation of Australia’s precious wildlife is outstanding.”

The Conservation Ecology Centre is working on a number of projects to safeguard the future of these spotted marsupials, including training a team of community volunteers and their dogs to detect Tiger Quoll scats. Captive breeding projects, habitat restoration and fox reduction projects are also key activities of the program.

Get involved in conservation this weekend and pop down to the Harvest Picnic or come and stay at the Great Ocean Ecolodge to be among the first to enjoy a great beer for a great cause.