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Wildlife Wonders is a non-profit social enterprise founded by the Conservation Ecology Centre. It’s a unique ecotourism experience, with 100% of its profits being directed to the CEC’s research and conservation programs. So every time you visit, or even buy a coffee you’re giving back.

At Wildlife Wonders you can experience the wild side of the Great Ocean Road, to explore a spectacular Australian bushland environment, where the forest meets the sea, just 5km from Apollo Bay.

Our sanctuary is protected by a fox and cat proof fence, so it is free from feral predators. This means you’ll be able to enjoy a thriving Otways ecosystem that presently cannot be found elsewhere.

Whether you join us to spot a koala on a guided nature walk in our wildlife sanctuary, to unwind with a great coffee, or find a delightful gift in our shop, your visit directly supports the ongoing environmental conservation of the unique Otways environment.

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