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Partnerships and support for conservation

Our corporate partners and supporters assist us in meeting this goal through financial contributions and/or the provision of goods and services and expertise.

Their support frees up funds and other resources which can be directed towards conservation and also provides seed funding for new projects including ground breaking research into the issues affecting iconic and endangered wildlife.  Their contributions build our capacity and we deeply value their involvement.
Prickly Moses Brewing – Spotted Ale
A very exciting brewing company, based in the Otways with ever increasing distribution of boutique beers, including ‘Spotted Ale’, a special product which directs all profits to Conservation Ecology Centre’s Tiger Quoll Conservation Program.

Read more about Spotted Ale or learn more about Prickly Moses Brewing.
Hello Coffee – The Wildside Blend
Our unique house-blend coffee “Wildside”, developed with Hello Coffee supports wildlife conservation right across the chain of coffee production.

Learn more about Hello Coffee