Luke Bonifacio

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Luke is an enthusiastic ecology graduate determined to make a difference in wildlife conservation. He developed a strong sensitivity for animal conservation during a volunteer trip to Costa Rica in 2011, where he assisted with research into the conservation of bottlenose dolphins and poison dart frogs. The experience opened his eyes to the threats faced by wildlife globally, motivating him to pursue a career in the conservation field.  

In 2018, Luke graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Science (Hons), majoring in Ecology and Conservation Biology. His Honours project saw him travel around Australia investigating predictors of extinction risk in Australian skinks. He also assisted with several conservation research projects during his degree, developing skills in fauna surveying, research design and community engagement. His highlights included conducting an inbreeding avoidance project on helmeted honeyeaters, volunteering with the Marine Mammal Foundation and visiting the Galapagos Islands where he helped investigate the reproductive success of Darwin’s finches.

By joining the Conservation Ecology Centre, Luke is excited to learn about the complex conservation challenges in the Otways and advance his skills in animal husbandry, land management and species identification. Luke is also keen to explore the vast wilderness of the Otways and capture its spectacular biodiversity using his wildlife photography kit.