Make your recycling count toward conservation

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Victoria’s Container Deposit Schemes provide individuals and community groups with a financial incentive to recycle.

A Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) is a recycling scheme for certain types of bottles, cans, and cartons that anyone can use to receive a 10c refund per container recycled.

Originally created to reduce litter, container deposit schemes have far-reaching environmental, financial and social benefits. They provide individuals and community groups with a financial incentive to recycle. This keeps waste out of landfill and our ecosystems.

The state of Victoria introduced a CDS in 2023. Charities and community groups can sign-up as a donation partner with their Victorian CDS Zone Operator and as the public, you can convert your recycling into a donation for your favourite partnered organisation instead of receiving your 10 cents.

The Conservation Ecology Centre is registered as a donation partner with the operator of Western Vic Zone: TOMRA Cleanway. This means you can recycle your aluminium cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles, and paperboard cartons and choose for your donation to be paid to the Conservation Ecology Centre.

So, don’t dispose. Turn your used containers into new products by recycling them at a TOMRA machine and make them count toward conservation.

Here’s how…

How to donate your cans and bottles in 4 easy steps

Step 1.

Download the free CDC Vic West App


Step 2.

Create a profile using your email address and select ‘charities’ as your payout method.


Step 3.

Search for the ‘Conservation Ecology Centre’, select and tap ‘Set as payment’ and then ‘Donation’. Your future recycling sessions will all now be donated to us.


Step 4.

Take your eligible cans, bottles and cartons to a CDS West Vic TOMRA machine, open your app, scan the barcode and your container deposits will be donated.


That’s it! Thank you from the whole team at the Conservation Ecology Centre, your recycling is now helping us protect Australian wildlife and their homes.