Help us restore Cape Otway’s iconic koala habitat

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Here on Cape Otway, our koalas are a highlight of any trip along the Great Ocean Road.

But visitors are also confronted by a sad, and sometimes shocking, landscape of dead and dying trees. I’m sorry to say our coastal woodlands are in crisis and urgent action is needed to protect them.

Over recent years we’ve been working to restore and protect these woodlands, which are an important food source for our local koalas, and I’d like to share this video with you which shows what we’ve been up to.

It’s only because of the support from people like you that we are able to undertake this important work.

We’d be ever so grateful if you were able to make a small donation  to help our koalas by restoring and protecting these important woodlands they call home.

We hope that this video will help you to appreciate the full extent of the crisis our woodlands are facing and that you will be able to help us protect these woodlands and the koalas and other species they support.