Clever people needed to help save an ecosystem

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Enter the Manna Gum Challenge

We need clever people to help us solve a big problem – keeping koalas out of a few precious seed trees so we can collect seed to restore dead and dying Manna Gum woodlands.

If you like designing and making things please join us for a briefing (on your own or come with a team, everyone welcome!)

Krambruk Room, Apollo Bay Hotel (Bottom Pub)

4pm-5pm Thursday 8th January.

THE BRIEF:Objective: Protect Manna Gum seed trees.   Timing:One week to design & construct.

Scoring criteria:

  • Prevent Koalas climbing tree (must be 100% effective)
  • Cheap (to make)
  • Easy to apply (quick and practical)
  • Easy to maintain
  • Will not cause harm to wildlife or trees

Bonus points for designs which:

  • Allow other species (eg possums) to pass.
  • Allow koalas to descend out of the tree while preventing them from climbing up.



Once you have designed and developed your tree protection idea come and construct your Gum Guard at Conservation Ecology Centre, Cape Otway on Saturday 17th January.

Observations will be conducted via remote camera over the following month. Results will be announced and prizes presented (and the prizes will be great!).