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The Manna Gum Reserve is so close to becoming a reality.  However, this exciting project is on hold.  We still require $28,565 to turn this property into a safe haven for koalas. Will you help?

With your help we have raised an incredible $116,435 for the Manna Gum Reserve. Thank you again for your support. This 21-acre property may be small, but the significance of the land is massive. This land will provide a vital link between the Conservation Ecology Centre (CEC) and the Great Otway National Park. The property will mean that the entire catchment of the Parker River is within the boundaries of land managed for conservation. Can you imagine what this will mean for wildlife in this area?

It will create a habitat corridor for Australian wildlife, a safe haven for koalas and other animals, and create a model for future habitat restoration.

However, the Manna Gum Reserve project is on hold. The CEC still needs to raise $28,565 to finalise the purchase of this land.
With every day that passes the fragile land, which is already in need of critical restoration, continues to degrade. We want to do everything we can to ensure we raise the remaining funds as quickly as possible to buy the land outright – and ensure the rehabilitation and conservation of this land.

The Manna Gum Reserve dream is nearly a reality. And your help – no matter how large or small – will take us that much closer to being able to secure this land as a vital wildlife corridor.

Will you make a gift to help secure Manna Gum Reserve for wildlife and, in doing so, help so many animals in need?

If you can help, please make a secure online donation today.

To prevent further damage to this property, and to begin restoring the land for the wildlife, it’s vital we raise the funds as quickly as possible. Your prompt response today will help us protect the many koalas and other wildlife that rely on this land. I can’t tell you how grateful we will be.

As soon as the land is secured, we invite you to come to Manna Gum Reserve to see the land recovering and the wildlife returning, and to sow some manna gum seeds where they will grow and support wildlife for generations.

We look forward to being able to show you in person how the Manna Gums are growing and how your generosity has helped so many koalas and animals.

Warmest Regards,

Lizzie Corke
Chief Executive Officer
Conservation and Ecology Centre (CEC)


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