CEC receives support for pest control project

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The Conservation Ecology Centre is embarking on an important project to control foxes and feral cats as part of our Tiger Quoll Flagship Project.

Foxes and cats are very adaptable and extremely proficient at making themselves at home in the Australian environment. Foxes and cats compete with endangered Tiger Quolls for prey and foxes may also kill young quolls. These introduced predators also have a devastating impact on many other Australian wildlife species including small mammals and birds, so our efforts to control them under our Flagship program will assist with the conservation of many other native species.

How we’re able to undertake the project

The feral predator control project is supported by a State Government Caring for our Country Community Action Grant and will concentrate on private land bordering the Great Otway National Park. The work will complement existing fox and cat control programs carried out by Parks Victoria and DSE. Engaging around 30 landholders and individual properties will lead to a coordinated approach which is vital for effective feral predator management and will significantly contribute to landscape conservation.