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Nina graduated from Deakin University with a Bachelor of Environmental Science (Hons) majoring in Conservation Biology in November 2018. Her honours project examined the habitat use and ranging behaviour of koala populations in blue gum plantations in far southwest Victoria. While undertaking her undergraduate degree Nina was able to volunteer on a number of projects to enhance her fieldwork and research skills. She spent 4 weeks on a game reserve in South Africa where she assisted with conservation programs and community outreach. She was also a regular volunteer at Moonlit Sanctuary in Victoria, where she gained experience in native animal husbandry and threatened species management. She currently works in the Visitor Services department with Zoos Victoria, where her role allows her to engage with the community on conservation issues.

Nina is excited to join the Conservation Ecology Centre team and assist them with the varied conservation projects currently being undertaken in Cape Otway. She hopes to enhance her fieldwork and analytical skills during her internship, while gaining knowledge of the beautiful wildlife and habitats in the region.