Hannah Thomas

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Hannah recently graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Advanced Science (Hons) majoring in Ecology.

In her Honours project she compared the diets of the endangered northern quoll in the two main habitat types on Groote Eylandt – a cane toad free island in the Northern Territory which is a stronghold for this endangered species. She found that the quolls in the woodlands ate a wider variety of foods than those in the rocky habitat including more vegetation, which could have implications for the management of this species on the mainland.

She has also volunteered as a research assistant on Christmas Island, to monitor the effect of invasive black rats on the nesting success of endemic island birds; helped deploy camera traps to monitor feral dog populations on Queensland Trust for Nature properties; and trapped northern bettongs in North Queensland with WWF and James Cook University.

Originally from Scotland, Hannah comes to the CEC after spending time in both Cairns and Brisbane. Throughout her internship with the Conservation Ecology Centre, Hannah hopes to further her skills in land management, field work and science communication. She is passionate about being involved in wildlife conservation and the Otways region is the perfect place to do this, with a combination of amazing wildlife and complex conservation challenges.