Andrea Stiglingh

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Andrea completed her Bachelors of Science (Natural Resources) and Bachelors of Soil Science (Honours) degrees at the University of Adelaide in 2017 and 2018. Andrea has a real passion for the environment and a love for learning which has driven her involvement in conservation research, habitat restoration work and species management. Prior to taking up her role as an intern at the Conservation Ecology Centre, Andrea assisted with animal and vegetation surveys as a volunteer with the Scientific Exploration Group (SEG), BioR and the University of Adelaide. She is an active volunteer at Cleland Wildlife Park, assisting with the care of resident koalas and works casually as a research assistant in the School of Biology at the University of Adelaide. Andrea aspires to use her time at the Conservation Ecology Centre to enhance her science communication, animal handling and research skills in the hopes of making a positive impact/contribution in the fields of native species management and community education as she pursues a career in conservation.