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The Otways Ecological Research Network is a group of conservation researchers and land managers working to improve conservation outcomes in the Otways by facilitating collaborative research and ensuring that all outcomes are communicated to relevant stakeholders.

The Network was founded by the Conservation Ecology Centre in 2016 with funding from The Ian Potter Foundation.

The goals of the Otways Threatened Species Network (as it was then known) were to:

  1. Improve the quality and quantity of data to inform threatened species management in the Otways.
  2. Act as a hub – a port of call – to pool resources and data to publicly inform management of threatened species in the Otways.
  3. Be a reputable collaboration of researchers and managers providing mutual support for each other’s goals (including financial where appropriate).
  4. Provide the latest research, knowledge and advice required to improve threatened species and land management across all Otway land tenures.
  5. Advise the urgent action of land managers to save species from extinction in the Otways.

You can learn more about the Network and its achievements in the video below.

Otways Ecological Research Forum

Each year members of this Network gather at the Otways Ecological Research Forum (formerly the Otways Threatened Species Research Forum) to provide an update on their research.

The Forum is usually held in August and you can find out more here.

Recordings of presentations from the 2021 Forum and 2022 Forum are available on the Conservation Ecology Centre’s YouTube channel.

If you are interested in joining the Network and receiving updates about the Forum, please contact Toni Stevens