Dr Andrea de Kauwe

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Andrea de Kauwe trained in the biomedical sciences, completing her PhD in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of Melbourne in 2007.  Inspired as a child by David Attenborough’s documentaries as well as an innate sense of wonderment and curiosity of the natural world, Andrea has long been interested in conservation and environmental protection efforts in Australia. 

After completing a post-doctoral position in Finland and freelancing as a science communicator/editor, Andrea moved to the Otways with a strong desire to spend less time in artificial environments and more time in nature with her young family of avid bushwalkers and biophiliacs.  Her interest in protecting and nurturing Australia’s wild places has deepened and she sees the work of the Conservation Ecology Centre as being vitally important to conserving the ecosystems of the Otways.  

Andrea’s research background has given her an understanding of the challenges of scientific research and funding cycles, while her other work with Landcare and Apollo Bay WORDfest has given her insights into event planning, promotion and management, as well as stewardship of volunteers, supporters and funding partners.  She works for the CEC part-time, coordinating our fundraising strategy and giving program.