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You can now fundraise for the Conservation Ecology Centre in the 2024 Great Ocean Road Running Festival

Register for the 2024 Great Ocean Road Running Festival and support the Otways

The iconic Great Ocean Road winds its way along the southern border of Victoria’s Wild Otways: incredibly beautiful and diverse landscapes of steep ranges rising from this iconic rugged coastline, containing pristine sandy inlets, lush woodlands and serene fern gullies, and an abundance of enchanting waterfalls. Some of Victoria’s tallest mountain ash forests are found here, as well as ancient beech trees and tree ferns.

Unfortunately, a range of threats are having a devastating effect on the landscapes and wildlife of the Otways. Without active management, these threats can tip the balance of nature’s beautifully orchestrated ecosystems, reducing habitat resilience and greatly impacting on wildlife.

The Conservation Ecology Centre (CEC) was established in 2000 to ensure that the landscapes of the Otways are healthy, resilient, and cared for into the future. We are leading the way on delivering a collaborative and cohesive conservation strategy in the Otways by engaging and working together with all stakeholders in the region: universities and research groups, government agencies and administrators, NGOs, Traditional Owners, private land managers, local communities, and the broader general public.

Research carried out by the CEC has led to best-practice land management solutions and effective planning to restore threatened species across the region. Our unique research and conservation program has a strong and committed local focus, with a broad application for other environmental managers and administrators across Australia.

By fundraising for the Conservation Ecology Centre, you can enjoy the delights of the Great Ocean Road knowing you are directly supporting vital conservation work to protect its wildlife and their homes.

Thank you, and good luck!

Already registered to run? You can register to fundraise for the Conservation Ecology Centre here.