Help us protect the Long-nosed Potoroo

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I am thrilled to be able to introduce you to Pipsqueak – the newest addition to our Potoroo family.

His arrival came as somewhat of a surprise to us, as his parents Pip and Pipette have been with us for many years, and this is their first little one.

But while they enjoy life here at the Conservation Ecology Centre, it breaks my heart to know things are not so good for their relatives in the wild.

They are being hunted by foxes and feral cats and many have been wiped out by bushfires.

We have our qualified ecologists, eager to undertake crucial research on the Long-nosed Potoroo in the Otways, collecting invaluable data to inform future land management decisions.  Along with our innovative Otways Conservation Dogs program, which trains teams of dogs to help detect signs of the Potoroos so we can help protect them.

However, we can’t do this without you.

It’s only with the support from people like you, that we are able to ensure the Long-nosed Potoroo won’t face these challenges alone.

Please will you send a gift today to help roll out these vital programs and to make the most of this opportunity we have to save this species.

Warm regards,

Lizzie Corke
CEO, Conservation Ecology Centre



Banner Image Credit: Doug Gimesy