Exciting Plans to Extend Koala Habitat in Cape Otway

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It may seem like just another block, but a small parcel of land in Cape Otway holds a tremendous opportunity for Australian wildlife. Flanked on one side by the Great Otway National Park and on the other by the Conservation Ecology Centre (CEC), this land has the potential to become an important habitat corridor for koalas and other native animals.

With the support of their Patron, the Hon. Steve Bracks AC, the Conservation Ecology Centre is staging a drive to raise the funds necessary to finalise the purchase of the property. Thanks to a very generous grant from The R E Ross Trust, the CEC is part way there, but there is still a way to go. By June 30, another $45,000 is needed.

Donations will assist the Conservation Ecology Trust to complete the purchase of this land and create the ‘Manna Gum Reserve’. Once ownership is secured, the land will be restored, revegetated and, most importantly, remain protected.

For Australia’s iconic koalas, this is excellent news. Currently facing a range of threats, koalas are one of the main species set to benefit from the creation of the Manna Gum Reserve.

The Conservation Ecology Centre’s Co-Founder and CEO, Lizzie Corke, explains why these animals are a top priority for the centre:

“Koalas are challenged by a range of human-related factors, including habitat fragmentation, habitat decline, car accidents, dog attacks and disease. Our work focuses on restoring habitats and reconnecting populations in order to increase resilience and genetic diversity and conserve healthy, balanced ecosystems.

“Creation of the Manna Gum Reserve would enhance our work in this area and save this precious land from being overdeveloped and eroded. It will also provide an important model for habitat restoration.”

Help us secure their future

The Conservation Ecology Trust welcome sponsorship and donations. Contributions to this landmark conservation effort will assist in the restoration of an important piece of Australia.

For more information please view our Manna Gum Reserve FAQs.

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