Otways Conservation Dogs

Working with Canidae Development* and our community the CEC has developed a team of community members working with their own dogs as highly qualified endangered species detection teams. Using Minimal Impact Detection Methods to detect Tiger Quoll scats on both private and public land throughout the Otways (and beyond!). The knowledge of Tiger Quoll genetics which can be gained through the DNA analysis of scat samples helps to effectively target conservation efforts such as invasive species control and habitat reconnection.

This project has its very own facebook page – like us to keep up to date with the teams within the team.


Watch our Conservation Dogs video

This video outlines the program goals and gives an insight into the early stage training our teams complete (this video was taken during the first stages of the program in 2012 – a video covering the later stages of training coming soon).

Frequently asked questions

If you would like to find out even more about this fantastic program we encourage you to read the Otways Conservation Dogs FAQs in our News section.

Otways Conservation Dog teams

Otways Conservation Dogs - Buzz & Jill

We couldn’t do what we do without our wonderful team of volunteers (both human and canine!). We’d like to thank all the community members involved in the program.

Fox Norton & Helen (Qualified: Detection, Control, Field Survey)

Teddy & Lizzie (Qualified: Control, Detection, Field Survey)

Juno & Alice (Qualified: Detection, Control, Field Survey)

Banjo & Karen (Qualified: Detection, Control, Field Survey)

Jed & Jacqui (Qualified: Detection)

Pip & Jill

Tilly & Sue

Mandy (Observer)


We’d also like to acknowledge the many other volunteers who have taken part in part of the OCD journey and whose dogs have now retired:

Buzz & Jill (Qualified: Detection, Control), Misu & Jocelyn, Tara & Shayne (Qualified: Detection, Control, Field Survey), Zeke & Cheryl (Qualified: Detection, Control, Field Survey)

Bob & Patrick (Qualified: Detection, Control, Field Survey), Geordie & Jeremy, Pete & Mandy (Qualified: Control).


See the Otways Conservation Dogs on deployment in the Grampians National Park, thanks to The Age

Otways Conservation Dogs detect evidence of wild tiger quolls in the Great Otway National Park.


*We began working on this project with South West Victorian Dogs but Luke Edward’s work has quickly outgrown the scope of the SWVD organisational structure. Canidae Development was launched in July 2013 and we are delighted to have been able to witness this evolution – it is an exciting time for dogs in conservation.