Koala Habitat Rescue

Nature is a miracle in the balance, yet once the balance shifts, however slightly, the results can be chaotic and even catastrophic. In recent years there has been such a shift – in a remote part of south west Victoria, along the Great Ocean Road the koala population suddenly exploded and the manna gum trees [...]

World Legacy Awards Winners to be announced this week!

Winners of the prestigious World Legacy Awards will be announced this week in Berlin. The Conservation Ecology Centre (with its social enterprise, the Great Ocean Ecolodge) is delighted to be a finalist in this exciting event, recognized for “… outstanding support for the preservation of nature, restoring natural habitat and protecting rare and endangered species …”.  CEC Ambassadors and Eco-Alliance Members Joachim and Natascha [...]

Clever people needed to help save an ecosystem

Enter the Manna Gum Challenge We need clever people to help us solve a big problem – keeping koalas out of a few precious seed trees so we can collect seed to restore dead and dying Manna Gum woodlands. If you like designing and making things please join us for a briefing (on your own [...]

World Legacy Awards – Finalists Announced

We are delighted to announce that the Conservation Ecology Centre and Great Ocean Ecolodge have just been recognised as Finalists in the World Legacy Awards. The awards are a partnership between National Geographic and ITB Berlin to showcase leading travel and tourism companies, organizations and destinations — ranging from airlines to ecolodges and from cities [...]

Orphaned koala Danny stars on the BBC

The first months of an animal’s life are crucial – if they lose their mothers, they’ll need help. Nature’s Miracle Orphans is a BBC documentary charting the journeys of a number of wild orphans getting a second chance. Occasionally the Conservation Ecology Centre has the privilege of caring for injured and orphaned wildlife, and one [...]

Otways Conservation Dogs on deployment – The AGE

Thanks to you the Otways Conservation Dogs have just completed their first deployment. Tim Young from The Age joined the team – here is his story:   Sniffer dogs search for endangered tiger quolls in Grampians National Park Read more and see the video at The Age.  Teams of highly trained sniffer dogs have been [...]

Super Ted needs your help to save endangered Tiger Quolls

Ted was a malnourished and abandoned Bullmastiff mix when Lizzie (CEC Founder) and her family found him at a local shelter.  His droopy-lipped smile and wrinkled brow was irresistible and as he folded himself into the armsof Tess – Lizzie’s four-year-old daughter – she knew that Ted was going to be part of her family. [...]

Understanding koalas, stress and habitat declines

Founded by the Zeno Karl Schindler Foundation and supported by the University of Queensland, a very important scientific project is underway at the Conservation Ecology Centre.   As koala habitat continues to decline we are continuing to work towards a a better understanding of the situation in order to contribute to future management. Supervised by [...]

Just try to resist peanut butter, oats and golden syrup balls! Biodiversity Monitoring for Conservation

Thanks to support from the Norman Wettenhall Foundation this three year Biodiversity Monitoring project will allow the Conservation and Research Team at the Conservation Ecology Centre to survey the animals found in the declining manna gum habitat. During the first phase of the project, ecologists are surveying small mammals, reptiles and amphibians, but further research [...]