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We would love your help to find out more about the presence and distribution of our local wildlife. We are particularly interested in Tiger Quoll (or Spotted-tailed Quoll) and Long-nosed Potoroo sightings in the Otways – recent news is great but historical sightings and reports are also useful.

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Tiger Quoll

The Tiger Quoll is the largest marsupial carnivore surviving on the Australian mainland. Though rarely seen they inhabit a range of habitats where they hunt for birds and small mammals.

Things to look for:

  • Spots! If you see a furry creature running around with beautiful white spots all over its body (including its tail), then it’s likely you have just spotted a Tiger Quoll.
  • A long tail held horizontally behind a stocky and well-built body running in a bounding overstep pattern.
  • Remember that this is an animal that is more than capable of climbing, so don’t forget to look up as well!

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Long-nosed Potoroo

Long-nosed Potoroos inhabit forests with dense ground cover, emerging to less thickly vegetated areas to forage, digging shallow excavations in the litter and soil using their long, well developed claws to find fungi and other food. With pointed faces and brown fur they superficially resemble bandicoots but are more closely related to macropods (kangaroos and wallabies).

Things to look for:

  • Long-nosed PotorooFur of a chocolatey/dark brown colour
  • An animal that appears like an oversized rat
  • Hopping gait when moving fast
  • Long-ish nose (if you can see it!)

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