Join us in our conservation efforts…

We would love to welcome you to join us!  Time is always of the essence in conservation – we need to work quickly in order to ensure the future of so many precious species.

Whether you would like to join us in the bush carrying out research, would be interested in running a fundraising evening from home or could consider volunteering your skills (whatever they may be!) we would love to hear from you.

Conserving Koalas

The Otways is one of the few places in Australia where you are guaranteed to see koalas in the wild, however they face many challenges and need your help.

Conserving koalas and their habitat is currently a management priority for Parks Victoria, but very little is known about the local koala population. Help us by participating in koala counts so that we can assess population size, koala impacts on vegetation and investigate other potential factors behind tree decline.


Quest for Quolls

The endangered Tiger Quoll population is declining in the Otways, and this area is one of their last strongholds. By working to conserve the Tiger Quoll as flagship species we help many other native animals in three ways:

  1. The Tiger Quoll has a large home range and therefore requires a lot of habitat, including old growth forests with dead trees containing hollows for breeding. These habitats are also important for a wide range of other species. We are working with project partners to assess wildlife corridors and to rehabilitate vegetation, to increase available quoll habitats.
  2. The Quolls require a healthy prey base of various small mammals, so part of our work is assessing small mammal populations and investigating the threats to these species.
  3. Tiger Quolls suffer from competition with introduced pest species, like the fox and feral cat. These two animals have made a huge contribution to the extinction of many Australian species so we are working to identify the scope of this threat in the Otways and to reduce it.

Contact us to discuss details and hear about upcoming volunteer opportunities.