Eco-Alliance – Partners and Supporters

Our vital research and on-the-ground work is not possible without generous contributions from our partners and supporters. We’d like to acknowledge these wonderful companies and individuals for their ongoing commitment.

Our corporate partners and supporters assist us in delivering our mission through financial contributions and/or the provision of goods and services and expertise, and sometimes in some very exciting joint projects.  Their support frees up funds and other resources which can be directed towards conservation and also provides seed funding for new projects, including ground breaking research into the issues affecting iconic and endangered wildlife.  Their contributions and hard work build our capacity to make conservation happen – we deeply value their involvement.

Corporate Partners

Grant Day James:

A team of incredibly talented individuals who come together to create an amazing PR and Advertising agency based in Melbourne and Sydney. Grant Day James provide the CEC with full service pro-bono support. Learn more about Grant Day James.

Otway Brewing (Prickly Moses):

A very exciting brewing company, based in the Otways with ever increasing distribution of boutique beers, including ‘Spotted Ale’, a special product which directs all profits to CEC’s Tiger Quoll Conservation Program. Learn more about Otway Brewing.

Corporate Supporters

Meet our valued corporate supporters: Hall & Wilcox, Leisure Solutions®, MeadWestvacoEcoSatch, Apollo Bay Computer Services, Raphie’s Vitamin PuplimentsPrinting Intelligence, Cape Otway Lightstation, Phil Hines Photography, TreeStyle Pty Ltd, Doug Gimesy Photography, Organic Origins, David Simmonds Photography, Christopher Adams Art,  Adi  Art,  Donna, Sarah & Colin Barot, Amanda Carson Art, Cathy Donnovan, Alice Ewing Art, Nathan Ferlazzo, Stefan Gevers, Amber Gillett,  Eggpicnic, Gaye Hardesy Art, Lynh Ly Watercolours, Marg McConnell, Philp, Nicola, Angela Robbertson-Buchanan, Edith Rewa, John Riches, Gayle Search, Mark Trinham, Sisca Verwoert And Lyndi Whalen.

Learn more about assisting wildlife conservation through becoming a Corporate Partner or Supporter.


Individual Supporters

Our supporters play an incredibly important role in the work of the CEC and we deeply value their involvement and commitment to wildlife conservation.  Many of our project are initiated through seed funding provided by individuals so donations are particularly valuable – we also operate extremely efficiently and our dedicated team make sure that every cent really counts.

Learn more about supporting wildlife conservation as an individual.


Join us – become an Eco-Ally

In the years ahead, we will be doing even more for wildlife conservation, and, by working together, we can make it happen.

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